James Jarvis

We started our on-line business 13 years ago. Used a homemade web site until about 2 years ago. At that time I decided we needed something more modern, uniform and easier to navigate and update. After reviewing many options we decided that Supshop was exactly what we were looking for.

With no HTML experience we found SunShop to be very easy to add products, maintain and update. With our old site something as simple as changing a price meant I had to edit in 3 different locations. Adding products was a nightmare. With SunShop it is a breeze. The folks at SunShop are very responsive to any questions we have had.

Purchasing SunShop was one of the best business decisions we ever made.

Jim Roberts

As a web consultant and programmer, I set out in 2005 to find a shopping cart I could recommend and install for my clients. After much research, I settled on SunShop. It was full featured, reasonably priced, scalable, and provided access to most of the source code. I’ve installed and customized SunShop dozens of times, for all kinds of stores. Each new release has added new features which keep it current with evolving needs. After 7 years, it’s still the primary cart I work with, and still proving to be a great value for my clients!

Yolonda Morgan

When I launched our website almost two years ago, my web designer suggested SunShop to build the platform with. And, it was the perfect suggestion! Loading products into the database is so simple, even I can do it! Which has saved us lots of money because we don’t have to pay the web designer to load products. She still does all the technical aspects for us and likes how easy it is for her to customize our website, she uses SunShop for many of her clients. Thanks for a great product and we look forward to seeing the new website!

Michael Brock

Although at at present I only have one install of SunShop, my clients and I are very happy with the product. It was easy to install and configure. My client particularly likes the backend with regards to reports on customers and items sold. They also appreciate that there is an iPhone app that they can use to stay on top of things in their store, even when they are not in the office.

As the designer, I also found the interface for connecting PayPal, UPS and FedEX to be straightforward.

All in all, SunShop is a terrific choice for your next e-commerce shop.

James Robert Page

My wife Kristen and I make handmade pottery together. We love what we do but found it difficult finding our niche customers. SunShop has made it easy for the two of us to build our site ourselves. Now we have quit our day jobs and sell our work directly to our customers ourselves. The freedom of working from home and doing what we love has forever changed our lives. SunShop shopping cart has literally made that dream come true.

We are often asked “Who did your site” We gladly let them know we did it ourselves. With SunShop we were able to create a very in depth site with hundreds of pages without knowing html and having little technical experience. We had no problems customizing it to fit our needs. Everything was a breeze, from the SEO, accepting payments, to setting up the shipping calculator. So now we have more time for doing what we love and increasing our profits! Thanks Turn Key Web Tools.

Craig Weindling

SunShop allowed us to implement a Shopping Cart system that met our clients needs and our budget. Installation was relatively simple for a non-technical business owner and maintenance has been a breeze.

We hired a 3rd party to do some some initial customization for us to enable an ongoing product pricing updates. The coding of the program made that very affordable. Matching the look of the cart to our website was easily accomplished with CSS.

The Forums are a wealth of information, and online support is usually very responsive. We particularly appreciate that SunShop allows us to offer a full functioned Shopping Cart with no ongoing licensing costs.

Tony Mock

Prior to switching our website to TWT’s SunShop shopping cart, I spent more time dealing with coding to gain the functionality we desired in the .ASP platform than we did growing our online presence. Through a random search, I came across SunShop and was pleasantly surprised at the feature it contained as well as the price of the product. The features alone sold me on the product, but one item I was looking for in a new solution was the community support as connecting with fellow users is a powerful way to enhance the experience with a product. I was amazed to see how active the SunShop community was in helping others troubleshoot any issues as well as give advice on enhancements to help my store run more smoothly. I am the type that is hard to impress and I have been impressed from day 1 and have not regretted my switch to TWT’s SunShop.

Richard Fox

Having trawled the internet looking for a smart, modern e-commerce solution, I thankfully stumbled upon SunShop. Not only do Turnkey Web Tools provide a cheaper alternative to some of the better known alternatives, it also understands the needs of the present day e-commerce site, providing regular updates to keep up with the latest features and trends. The script is quick and easy to set up, with excellent 24hr support to help iron out any teething problems, essential for a website that cannot afford lengthy downtime and the associated loss of sales. The admin section allows for easy modification of the well-designed templates, offering a great degree of flexibility and control. With the website up and running, it requires very little maintenance – processing orders and making changes to the product catalogue couldn’t be easier… and keeping the customer updated with dispatch / payment notifications etc is all beautifully automated. Most importantly, the script is designed with the latest SEO in mind, to drive that all important traffic to your site.

This really is a great solution for a database driven e-commerce site, it just makes everything so easy… which creates more time to spend on other areas of your business. For the money it’s a fantastic investment.

Alan McVie

I have used a number of shopping carts and now have been searching for the last month for a replacement due to the inflexibility and limitations of my current site. I was very impressed with the look, features, reviews and forum comments for SunShop and once I contacted SunShop with many questions, they were quick and concise in their replies, like no other, so much so that I purchased SunShop, which is was very reasonable. I am impressed.

Eric Gillette

I have been a TWT client for about 10 years now, and I have been constantly impressed with the top-notch software they continue to add and the incredible features they continue to deliver from SunShop to PHP Live Helper. I keep my reseller account stocked with licenses because I’m always looking to provide my clients with the best available shopping cart (SunShop) and customer engagement tool (PHP Live Helper) that they can buy. It’s been almost 10 years since I bought my first license, and I still think TWT offers the best shopping cart solution when compared side-by-side with any other product on the market. If you need something that is feature-rich, robust, and does the job in a solid, dependable fashion, TWT should be your vendor of choice.