What is FraudScore?

FraudScore is a web service that can be queried via the HTTP protocol using our pre-built plugin that seamlessly integrates with SunShop. Merchants are not required to ask customers for any additional information since the data service inputs are the same as those typically used in online order forms. Within a few seconds, FraudScore returns a risk score as well as other relevant raw details on the analysis of the transaction. The resulting data can be used to automate order processing or used to supplement a manual review.

How FraudScore Works

Given the Internet’s built-in anonymity and ability to execute transactions from anywhere, authenticating the identity of the customer can be fairly difficult. Traditional tools such as AVS and CVV have become less effective since sophisticated fraudsters generally have access to complete credit card information of the individual they are trying to impersonate.

When you use the Fraudscore, you join the minFraud Network, one of the largest data co-ops of shared reputational data on IP addresses, email address, shipping addresses, phone numbers, devices, and more. The minFraud Network represents over 2 billion transactions and events annually generated by thousands of global businesses ranging from independent online stores to Fortune 100 companies. Link fraud across multiple data elements and benefit immediately from the minFraud Network’s collective intelligence.

As orders are placed within SunShop, Fraudscore will send data from the order to the minFraud Network which takes the transaction or event information provided by SunShop, and returns the riskScore, IP Risk Score, and a broad range of data points you can use to evaluate risk. You can even set a maximum number within SunShop so that orders get flagged for manual review by one of your staff.

Get Started

To begin using FraudScore, simply enable the plugin located in the SunShop administration panel under Settings -> Manage Plugins. All new SunShop users will have access to 100 free credits once the plugin has been activated. Once you decide if FraudScore is right for you, you can purchase additional credits within the client area of the TWT site. Should you have any further questions regarding the FraudScore service, please feel free to contact us.