Initial Setup

Cart Migration Options

SunShop offers migration options from many alternative cart providers. In most cases we can migrate your data at no additional cost.

Web-based Site Configuration

SunShop's highly intuitive web-based Administration Panel gives you the flexibility you need to configure, customize, and manage your entire online storefront.

Product & Customer Import

Using SunShop's import feature, you can import your products & customers with a few simple clicks. SunShop supports csv and tab delimited import files.


Professional Themes

With a wide selection of professionally designed storefront themes and templates, you can build an eye-catching ecommerce site in minutes.

Fully Customizable Templates

Just a few simple clicks is all it takes to design and alter the look of your online store through SunShop's "template-based" eCommerce system.

No HTML Skills Required

SunShop requires ZERO programming, HTML, and web design skills. However, if you're tech savvy, SunShop allows you to alter whatever code you desire.

Built-In WYSIWYG Editor

Creating custom pages is simple with SunShop's design tools. Just create your template name, drop in your text and graphics or use the powerful WYSIWYG editor.

Easy "Theme Setting" Adjustments

Easily alter display properties and elements of a theme within the "Theme Settings" area.

Marketing & SEO

Integrated "Rewards" System

Reward your returning customers with an customizable rewards points system. Set points based on amount spent and more!

Coupons & Gift Certificates

Offer online coupons and associate them with specific products or categories. Your customers also have the ability to purchase, send and redeem gift certificates.

"Tell-A-Friend" Program

SunShop's "Tell-A-Friend" feature gives your site visitors the ability to recommend your products to their friends and family.

Cross-selling and Up-selling

With SunShop, you can easily "cross sell" and "up sell" your products by creating customized categories and "related products" links.

Affiliate Program Support

SunShop supports one of the best affiliate programs available, iDevAffiliate.

Product-Feed Exports

Export and upload your product feeds to some of the major shopping sites with a click.

XML Sitemap Generator

With SunShop, you can automatically generate XML sitemaps for use with Google and other services.

META Tag Generator

SunShop gives you the ability to automatically create unique TITLE and META tags for each of your products, pages and categories.

Social Marketing

Social bookmarking and sharing, ability to list your products directly on Facebook and more!

Store Management

eBay Product Export

Link your SunShop with eBay within minutes and send any products to an eBay auction with a few simple clicks.

Product Options & Attributes

From sizes and colors to options that add to a product's base price and weight, SunShop can handle all of your product option variables and attributes.

Digital Product Delivery

SunShop provides complete support of the sale of digital and electronic goods right out of the box.

Bulk Inventory Management

Edit multiple products at once with the easy-to-use bulk product editor.

Dynamic Graph Reporting

SunShop includes useful graphs and other chart reports. With these tools, you can keep better track of your sales, customers, and other data.

Sales and Activity Reports

Whether you need your eCommerce data broken down by year, month, product type, category, vendor, or something else, SunShop gives you the options you need.

Payment Options

Credit Card Processors

SunShop is currently integrated with over 80+ payment gateways and services around the Internet.

Offline Credit Card Processing

For offline credit card processing, card data is encrypted with OpenSSL for manual processing.

Fully PCI Compliant

While SunShop is fully compliant, your shopping cart software is just one of the links in the PCI compliance chain.

"Minimum Order" Amount

SunShop's "minimum order" feature allows you to enforce a minimum quantity or dollar amount that your customers must meet before they can move forward.

Accept Gift Certificates

With SunShop's gift certificate feature, customers can redeem gift certificates to apply to orders.


Full HTTPS & SSL Support

To ensure every detail of your customer data is transmitted securely and safely, SunShop provides full support of HTTPS & SSL protocols.

Admin Login Tracking

Track admin login activity and see exactly where accounts are logging in from. SunShop recognizes new IP addresses and alerts the admin immediately to ensure the account is secure.

Two-Form Factor Security

Block unauthorized access to the admin area with IP verification or Google Authenticator.

Admin Access Restriction

SunShop allows the administrator the ability to control administrative access and set access levels for all other administration account.

One-Way Encryption Key

SunShop offers a highly secure method of keeping your customers stored billing information safe.

Custom Admin Folder Name

SunShop helps you stop prying eyes from gaining access to your private customer information by renaming your administration directory to something less commonly used.

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