James Robert Page

My wife Kristen and I make handmade pottery together. We love what we do but found it difficult finding our niche customers. SunShop has made it easy for the two of us to build our site ourselves. Now we have quit our day jobs and sell our work directly to our customers ourselves. The freedom of working from home and doing what we love has forever changed our lives. SunShop shopping cart has literally made that dream come true.

We are often asked “Who did your site” We gladly let them know we did it ourselves. With SunShop we were able to create a very in depth site with hundreds of pages without knowing html and having little technical experience. We had no problems customizing it to fit our needs. Everything was a breeze, from the SEO, accepting payments, to setting up the shipping calculator. So now we have more time for doing what we love and increasing our profits! Thanks Turn Key Web Tools.

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